Nick Bolhuis

About Me

As an avid cyclist, I like to bike everywhere I can. Interested in machines and logic I absolutely love puzzles and often can't leave them alone. When I look at something that I don't know how to do, my default thinking is that it can be done, it's all a matter of how. I read reference material cover to cover whenever possible. I am pretty good at figuring out logic puzzles on my own, though I have probably read more manuals than fiction. My curiosity has got me into several different hobbies that I have listed below for you. Still, like anyone else I like to make people smile. So I use my talents to spread cheer, whether that's hosting a game and VOIP server for my friends and I, building or repairing PCs or electronics for them, or making them delicious meals or desserts it's the smiles that make the effort worth it.


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Phone: 519-902-9447

Text: 519-902-9447